• Face skin scrubber
  • Face skin scrubber
  • Face skin scrubber
  • Face skin scrubber
  • Face skin scrubber

Face skin scrubber

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Face skin scrubber

Item Type:Massage & Relaxation

Output voltage: DC15V

Power supply: 110-220V DC Power


Ultrasound shovel machine principle is introduced:

1.mechanical action: 3 million times per second, mechanical vibration, make the function of each part with the

vibration, a unique therapeutic massage  High cell metabolism, enhance the cell vitality, promote the blood

circulation, improve skin nutrition, make skin ruddy, increase flexibility.

2.warm effect: ultrasound warm effect caused by the change of the blood vessel function and metabolic

process, can make the blood circulation, the cell  Excitement is reduced, Convulse the flabby skin, provide

solutions for cramps.

3.chemistry: ultrasound has to strengthen the role of catalysis, accelerate metabolism.Can make the changes

to alkaline ph.For penetration,Improve the ability of sterilization.


1.decompose melanin

2.to wrinkle and grain

3.remove horniness

4.remove acne and acne

5.make the skin bright white, luster and elasticity.

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